Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Instant noodles

As usual, we have our pantry full of stuffs just in case we need a quick food fix but are too lazy to cook or go out, or even call for delivery. =)

This time it's instant noodles straight from Taiwan, which my ever dependable hubby got from his recent trip. Instant noodles are called 泡麵 (pronounced as 'phao-mien' in Mandarin and 'phao-mi' in Taiwanese dialect) in Taiwan or 公仔麵 (pronounced 'kong-chai-min' in Cantonese and 'kong-tzai-mien' in Mandarin) in Hong Kong.

It's made by a famous Taiwanese company under the brand name 康師傅 (pronounced 'khang-zhi-fu'). This one particular flavor is also for vegetarians and without msg added. It's 當歸藥膳麵線 (pronounced 'dang-kwuei-yao-shan-mien-sien'), where I added some mushrooms and an egg. Doesn't do much for the looking but tastes really good, specially added with a taste of sesame oil.


  1. i love adding sesame oil to the noodles too! Love taiwan noodles! ^.^

  2. me too...
    it's one of the things we miss here...
    so we try to hoard some when we can! haaa~